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26-301 SELENBP1 belongs to the selenium-binding protein family. Selenium is an essential nutrient that exhibits potent anticarcinogenic properties, and deficiency of selenium may cause certain neurologic dis 0.05 mg 812.29 € - Prosci
26-335 ST8SIA4 catalyzes the polycondensation of alpha-2,8-linked sialic acid required for the synthesis of polysialic acid, a modulator of the adhesive properties of neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM1). S 0.05 mg 812.29 € - Prosci
27-887 The protein encoded by BTG2 is a member of the BTG_Tob family. This family has structurally related proteins that appear to have antiproliferative properties. This encoded protein is involved in the r 0.05 mg 812.29 € - Prosci
27-965 Three different forms of human pancreatic procarboxypeptidase A have been isolated. The A1 and A2 forms are monomeric proteins with different biochemical properties. Carboxypeptidase A1 is a monomeric 0.05 mg 812.29 € - Prosci
29-688 As a tumor suppressor, it blocks the growth, invasion, and metastatic properties of mammary tumors. As it does not undergo the S (stressed) to R (relaxed) conformational transition characteristic of a 0.1 mg 637.02 € - Prosci
29-813 Members of the claudin protein family, such as CLDN2, are expressed in an organ-specific manner and regulate the tissue-specific physiologic properties of tight junctions.Members of the claudin protei 0.1 mg 637.02 € - Prosci
orb84794 IL15 protein Interleukin 15 is a recently identified novel cytokine that shares many biological properties with IL2, including T, B and NK cellstimulatory activities. cDNA clones encoding this cytokin 10 313.86 € - Biorb
orb81394 Streptavidin protein The Streptavidin preparation contains an N- and C-terminal shortened variant (core streptavidin) with improved properties concerning homogeneity, solubility, resistance towards pr 2 mg 198.19 € - Biorb
orb80761 Thymosin-a1 protein Thymosin a1 acetate, also known as thymalfasin has immunoregulatory properties enhancing immune functions. Thymosin a1 has molecular formula of C129H215N33O55 a.a. sequence of Ac-S 1 mg 292.83 € - Biorb
Catalog Product Name Quantity Price Category Supplier