Catalog Product Name Quantity Price Category Supplier
Catalog Product Name Quantity Price Category Supplier
a1003 Taq DNA Polymerase (5U/ul), with 10X buffer (Mg2+ free) and 25mM MgCl2 USD 74€ Biomatik
a1006 Pfu DNA Polymerase (5U/ul) *Not Available in USA USD 184€ Biomatik
a1105 DNA Polymerase I, Large Fragment (Klenow) USD 204€ Biomatik
a1111 M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase, 200U/ul USD 325€ Biomatik
a1113 T4 DNA Ligase, 5U/ul USD 241€ Biomatik
a1130 Alkaline Phosphatase, 2-Component System USD 283€ Biomatik
a2008 2-Mercaptoethanol USD 79€ Biomatik
a2102 ACES USD 74€ Biomatik
a2103 Acetic Acid (Glacial) USD 70€ Biomatik
a2104 Acridine Orange USD 74€ Biomatik
a2115 Acrylamide USD 548€ Biomatik
a2118 Acrylamide USD 167€ Biomatik
a2119 Actinomycin D USD 131€ Biomatik
a2121 Adenine, Free Base (Vitamin B4) USD 66€ Biomatik
a2122 Adenine Sulfate USD 79€ Biomatik
a2123 Adenosine-5'-diphosphate (ADP), Disodium Dihydrate USD 79€ Biomatik
a2124 Adenosine-5'-monophosphate (AMP), Disodium Hexahydrate USD 64€ Biomatik
a2125 Adenosine, Free Base USD 66€ Biomatik
a2127 Agarose T1. gel strength (1 %) >1200 g/cm2. General purpose, low EEO. USD 79€ Biomatik
a2128 Agarose T2, low EEO, high gel strength (1.5%) >2500 g/cm2 USD 367€ Biomatik
a2131 Agarose T5, super high resolution, gel strength (1.5%) >600 g/cm2 USD 768€ Biomatik
a2132 Agarose T3, gel strength (1%) >1000 g/cm2. General purpose, cost effective agarose. USD 74€ Biomatik
a2134 Albumin, Bovine Serum [BSA], Fraction V, Heat Shock, pH 6.5-7.5 USD 74€ Biomatik
a2136 Alcian Blue USD 256€ Biomatik
a2141 Amido Black USD 79€ Biomatik
a2142 Ammonium Acetate USD 75€ Biomatik
a2143 Ammonium Chloride USD 72€ Biomatik
a2146 Ammonium Persulfate [APS] USD 79€ Biomatik
a2147 Ammonium Phosphate, Dibasic USD 186€ Biomatik
a2148 Ammonium Phosphate, Monobasic USD 180€ Biomatik
a2149 Ammonium Sulfate USD 79€ Biomatik
a2151 Amphotericin B USD 79€ Biomatik
a2154 Ampicillin, Sodium Salt USD 74€ Biomatik
a2159 Aprotinin, >6000 KIU/MG USD 445€ Biomatik
a2160 Adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP), Disodium Trihydrate USD 69€ Biomatik
a2203 Basic Fuchsin USD 74€ Biomatik
a2205 BCIP, Toluidine Salt (BCIP-T) USD 74€ Biomatik
a2207 Benzoic Acid USD 69€ Biomatik
a2214 Bis-acrylamide USD 162€ Biomatik
a2215 Bis-Tris USD 74€ Biomatik
a2217 Boric Acid USD 79€ Biomatik
a2218 Bradford Reagent, 1X USD 184€ Biomatik
a2219 BRIJ-35 USD 69€ Biomatik
a2220 Bromocresol Green, Free Acid USD 74€ Biomatik
a2221 Bromocresol Green, Sodium Salt USD 79€ Biomatik
a2222 Bromophenol Blue, Free Acid USD 66€ Biomatik
a2223 Bromophenol Blue, Sodium Salt USD 66€ Biomatik
a2303 Cacodylic Acid, Sodium Salt, Trihydrate USD 340€ Biomatik
a2304 Cacodylic Acid, Free Acid USD 74€ Biomatik
a2305 Calcium Carbonate, Anhydrous USD 72€ Biomatik
a2306 Calcium Chloride, Dihydrate USD 105€ Biomatik
a2308 CAPS USD 361€ Biomatik
a2311 Carbenicillin, Disodium Salt USD 496€ Biomatik
a2313 Cesium Chloride USD 548€ Biomatik
a2314 Cesium Sulfate USD 69€ Biomatik
a2315 Cetyldimethylethyl Ammonium Bromide [CDAB] USD 218€ Biomatik
a2317 Cetyltrimethyl Ammonium Bromide [CTAB] USD 74€ Biomatik
a2318 CHAPS USD 79€ Biomatik
a2323 Chloramphenicol USD 69€ Biomatik
a2325 Chymostatin, Microbial USD 184€ Biomatik
a2327 Citric Acid USD 74€ Biomatik
a2328 Citric Acid, Trisodium Salt, Dihydrate (Sodium Citrate) USD 79€ Biomatik
a2329 Coomasie Brilliant Blue G-250 USD 66€ Biomatik
a2330 Coomasie Brilliant Blue R-250 USD 64€ Biomatik
a2331 Creatine Phosphate, Disodium Salt, Tetrahydrate USD 69€ Biomatik
a2332 Cresol Red, Free Acid USD 69€ Biomatik
a2333 Cresol Red, Sodium Salt USD 69€ Biomatik
a2334 Crystal Violet USD 74€ Biomatik
a2337 Cupric Sulfate, Pentahydrate USD 69€ Biomatik
a2401 D (+) Galactose USD 79€ Biomatik
a2403 DAB Tetrahydrochloride, Hydrate USD 159€ Biomatik
a2404 Dansyl Chloride USD 486€ Biomatik
a2405 dATP 100mM Solution, >99% by HPLC USD 100€ Biomatik
a2406 D-Biotin (Vitamin H) USD 79€ Biomatik
a2407 dCTP 100mM Solution, >99% by HPLC USD 100€ Biomatik
a2409 Denhardt's Solution, 100x Concentrate USD 147€ Biomatik
a2412 Deoxycholic Acid, Sodium Salt USD 79€ Biomatik
a2416 Diethylpyrocarbonate [DEPC] USD 236€ Biomatik
a2417 Dextran Sulfate USD 1149€ Biomatik
a2419 D-Fructose USD 79€ Biomatik
a2420 D-Glucose, anhydrous USD 75€ Biomatik
a2422 dGTP 100mM Solution, >99% by HPLC USD 100€ Biomatik
a2423 Diethanolamine USD 72€ Biomatik
a2424 Dimethylsulfoxide [DMSO] USD 69€ Biomatik
a2425 N,N-Dimethylformamide [DMF] USD 73€ Biomatik
a2430 DL-Malic Acid USD 74€ Biomatik
a2431 D-Mannitol USD 64€ Biomatik
a2432 D-Mannose USD 74€ Biomatik
a2442 DNase I, Bovine Pancreas, >500U/MG USD 862€ Biomatik
a2444 DNase II, Porcine Pancreas, >12000U/MG USD 523€ Biomatik
a2446 dNTP Mix, 10mM Each USD 79€ Biomatik
a2447 dNTP Mix, 25mM Each USD 100€ Biomatik
a2450 D-Sorbitol USD 79€ Biomatik
a2452 DL-Dithiothreitol [DTT] USD 69€ Biomatik
a2453 dTTP 100mM Solution, >99% by HPLC USD 100€ Biomatik
a2501 E-64 USD 392€ Biomatik
a2503 EDTA, Disodium salt, Dihydrate USD 79€ Biomatik
a2504 EDTA, Free Acid USD 105€ Biomatik
a2506 EGTA USD 79€ Biomatik
a2507 Eosin Y, Sodium Salt USD 69€ Biomatik
a2508 Erythromycin USD 523€ Biomatik
a2509 Ethanol, Anhydrous, Denatured USD 72€ Biomatik
a2510 Ethidium Bromide [EB], 10MG/ML USD 69€ Biomatik
a2604 Ferric Chloride, Hexahydrate USD 162€ Biomatik
a2607 Ferrous Sulfate, Heptahydrate USD 147€ Biomatik
a2611 Formaldehyde, 37% Solution USD 79€ Biomatik
a2612 Formamide, Deionized USD 74€ Biomatik
a2702 G418 Sulfate USD 63€ Biomatik
a2703 Gelatin USD 69€ Biomatik
a2704 Gentamycin Sulfate (Gentamycin) USD 187€ Biomatik
a2707 Glucose Oxidase, Aspergillus Niger, >100U/MG USD 486€ Biomatik
a2710 Glutathione, Oxidized USD 231€ Biomatik
a2711 Glutathione, Reduced USD 68€ Biomatik
a2713 Glycerol USD 74€ Biomatik
a2715 Glycine USD 79€ Biomatik
a2716 Glycine USD 74€ Biomatik
a2717 Glycylglycine USD 74€ Biomatik
a2719 Guanidine Hydrochloride USD 153€ Biomatik
a2722 Guanidine Thiocyanate USD 209€ Biomatik
a2724 Guanine USD 74€ Biomatik
a2802 HEPES, Free Acid USD 79€ Biomatik
a2803 HEPES, Sodium Salt USD 72€ Biomatik
a2811 Hydrochloric Acid, 36.5-38.0% USD 79€ Biomatik
a2813 Hygromycin B USD 184€ Biomatik
a2901 Imidazole USD 79€ Biomatik
a2902 Iodonitrotetrazolium Chloride [INT Dye] USD 74€ Biomatik
a2903 IPTG, Dioxane Free USD 74€ Biomatik
a2904 Isoamyl Alcohol USD 116€ Biomatik
a2905 Isopropyl Alcohol USD 73€ Biomatik
a3102 Kanamycin Sulfate USD 350€ Biomatik
a3208 Leupeptin, Hemisulfate Salt USD 188€ Biomatik
a3216 Lithium Chloride USD 79€ Biomatik
a3222 5X Loading Dye, 30% Glycerol. 3 dyes. DNase, RNase & Protease Free USD 116€ Biomatik
a3223 6X Loading Dye, 60% Glycerol. 2 dyes, commonly used dye USD 84€ Biomatik
a3224 6X Loading Dye, 15% Ficoll. 3 dyes. DNase, RNase & Protease Free USD 120€ Biomatik
a3233 Lysozyme, Egg White, >20000U/MG USD 69€ Biomatik
a3303 Magnesium Chloride, Hexahydrate USD 72€ Biomatik
a3304 Magnesium Sulfate, Heptahydrate USD 78€ Biomatik
a3307 Maltose, Monohydrate USD 77€ Biomatik
a3308 Manganese Sulfate, Monohydrate USD 79€ Biomatik
a3327 Methylene Blue, Chloride Trihydrate USD 69€ Biomatik
a3329 Mineral Oil, Light White USD 78€ Biomatik
a3332 Molybdic Acid, Ammonium Salt, Tertrahydrate USD 184€ Biomatik
a3333 Molybdic Acid, Sodium Salt, Dihydrate USD 194€ Biomatik
a3334 MOPS, Sodium Salt USD 79€ Biomatik
a3335 MOPS, Free Acid USD 74€ Biomatik
a3338 Thiazolyl Blue Tetrazolium Bromide [MTT) USD 75€ Biomatik
a3339 Mycophenolic Acid USD 392€ Biomatik
a3401 NAD USD 445€ Biomatik
a3402 NADH, Disodium USD 231€ Biomatik
a3404 Nalidixic Acid USD 75€ Biomatik
a3408 Neomycin Sulfate USD 69€ Biomatik
a3413 Nonidet P-40, Substitute USD 79€ Biomatik
a3602 PBS Tablets. 100ML of 1X buffer USD 74€ Biomatik
a3604 Penicillin G, Sodium salt, >1500UM/G USD 79€ Biomatik
a3608 Pepsin 1:3000, Porcine USD 209€ Biomatik
a3609 Pepstatin A USD 184€ Biomatik
a3610 Peroxidase, Horseradish [HRP], RZ>3.0, >250U/MG USD 2401€ Biomatik
a3611 pH 10.0 Standard USD 71€ Biomatik
a3612 pH 4.0 Standard USD 71€ Biomatik
a3613 pH 7.0 Standard USD 71€ Biomatik
a3614 pH Standard Kit (500ML each of pH 4.0, pH 7.0 and pH 10.0 standard) USD 100€ Biomatik
a3616 Phenol Red USD 69€ Biomatik
a3619 Phenol Red, Sodium salt USD 69€ Biomatik
a3620 Phenylmethy Sulfonyl Fluoride [PMSF] USD 548€ Biomatik
a3621 Phosphate Buffered Saline [PBS]. 1L of 10X buffer with each pack USD 74€ Biomatik
a3625 PIPES, Sodium Salt USD 69€ Biomatik
a3630 Polyethylene Glycol 3350 [PEG 3350] USD 105€ Biomatik
a3631 Polyethylene Glycol 8000 [PEG 8000] USD 77€ Biomatik
a3633 Polyvinylpyrrolidone [PVP] USD 74€ Biomatik
a3634 Ponceau S USD 69€ Biomatik
a3637 Potassium Acetate USD 154€ Biomatik
a3638 Potassium Carbonate, Anhydrous USD 75€ Biomatik
a3639 Potassium Chloride USD 95€ Biomatik
a3640 Potassium Ferricyanide USD 79€ Biomatik
a3641 Potassium Hydroxide USD 78€ Biomatik
a3642 Potassium Iodide USD 72€ Biomatik
a3643 Potassium Nitrate USD 112€ Biomatik
a3646 Potassium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydrous USD 69€ Biomatik
a3647 Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic, Anhydrous USD 69€ Biomatik
a3650 Proteinase K, >30U/MG USD 653€ Biomatik
a3651 Phenol, Crystalline USD 236€ Biomatik
a3804 Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) USD 74€ Biomatik
a3806 RNase A, Pancreas, >70U/MG USD 2630€ Biomatik
a3808 RNase Inhibitor, 40U/ul USD 287€ Biomatik
a3901 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate [SDS] USD 79€ Biomatik
a3903 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate [SDS] USD 74€ Biomatik
a3904 Silver Nitrate USD 486€ Biomatik
a3905 Sodium Acetate, Anhydrous USD 74€ Biomatik
a3907 Sodium Azide USD 74€ Biomatik
a3908 Sodium Bicarbonate, Anhydrous USD 74€ Biomatik
a3909 Sodium Borate, Decahydrate USD 111€ Biomatik
a3910 Sodium Carbonate, Anhydrous USD 75€ Biomatik
a3911 Sodium Chloride USD 74€ Biomatik
a3912 Sodium Chloride USD 69€ Biomatik
a3913 Sodium Hydroxide, Pellets USD 74€ Biomatik
a3914 Sodium Iodide USD 184€ Biomatik
a3916 Sodium Nitrate USD 66€ Biomatik
a3920 Sodium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydrous USD 74€ Biomatik
a3922 Sodium Sulfate USD 74€ Biomatik
a3929 Streptavidin USD 408€ Biomatik
a3931 Streptomycin Sulfate USD 74€ Biomatik
a3932 Succinic Acid USD 66€ Biomatik
a3933 Sucrose USD 74€ Biomatik
a3934 Sucrose USD 79€ Biomatik
a4008 TEMED USD 69€ Biomatik
a4010 Tetracycline Hydrochloride USD 75€ Biomatik
a4018 Tricine USD 189€ Biomatik
a4019 Tris Acetate USD 74€ Biomatik
a4020 Tris USD 73€ Biomatik
a4021 Tris USD 71€ Biomatik
a4023 Tris Hydrochloride USD 79€ Biomatik
a4025 Triton X-100 USD 71€ Biomatik
a4026 Triton X-114 USD 79€ Biomatik
a4027 Trypsin 1:250 USD 295€ Biomatik
a4028 Trypsin 1:300 USD 173€ Biomatik
a4029 Trypsin, >2500U/MG USD 173€ Biomatik
a4031 TWEEN 20 USD 74€ Biomatik
a4032 TWEEN 80 USD 74€ Biomatik
a4103 Urea USD 294€ Biomatik
a4109 Water, Nuclease-free (not DEPC-Treated, PCR Grade) USD 60€ Biomatik
a4110 X-Gal USD 72€ Biomatik
a4113 X-Gluc USD 648€ Biomatik
a4115 Xylene Cyanol FF USD 68€ Biomatik
a4119 Chloroform USD 103€ Biomatik
a4120 Nitro Blue Tetrazolium Chloride [NBT] USD 469€ Biomatik
a4126 Elastase, Porcine Pancreatic, >30U/MG USD 429€ Biomatik
a4127 Chymotrypsin, >1500U/MG USD 992€ Biomatik
a4128 TMB (3,3',5,5'-Tetramethyl Benzidine), Dihydrochloride USD 79€ Biomatik
a4133 Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic, Monohydrate USD 79€ Biomatik
a4135 MES, Free Acid, Monohydrate USD 78€ Biomatik
a4137 Boric Acid USD 72€ Biomatik
a4144 HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase (5U/ul) USD 309€ Biomatik
a4145 Taq PCR Master Mix, 2X USD 136€ Biomatik
a4147 beta-Glucosidase, >1000U/MG USD 287€ Biomatik
a4149 Glucose Oxidase, >225U/MG USD 486€ Biomatik
a4150 Acetone USD 79€ Biomatik
a4151 Ammonium Carbonate USD 100€ Biomatik
a4154 Brilliant Green USD 74€ Biomatik
a4155 Caffeine USD 79€ Biomatik
a4156 Calcium Hydroxide USD 66€ Biomatik
a4157 EZGreen qPCR Master Mix, 2X, 200Rxns-50ul (Equivalent to SYBR Green qPCR Mix) USD 387€ Biomatik
a4160 Methanol USD 74€ Biomatik
a4161 Mitomycin C USD 757€ Biomatik
a4165 Zinc Sulfate, Heptahydrate USD 74€ Biomatik
a4166 Blasticidin S, Hydrochloride USD 413€ Biomatik
a4167 Cycloheximide [Actidione] USD 74€ Biomatik
a4168 Puromycin, Dihydrochloride USD 627€ Biomatik
a4170 Indole-3-Butyric Acid [IBA] USD 63€ Biomatik
a4171 Magnesium Chloride (25mM) USD 79€ Biomatik
a4172 Glycogen, 20MG/ML USD 325€ Biomatik
a4174 Potassium Acetate USD 165€ Biomatik
a4175 Potassium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydrous USD 72€ Biomatik
a4176 Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic, Anhydrous USD 72€ Biomatik
a4177 Sodium Acetate, Anhydrous USD 75€ Biomatik
a4178 Potassium Chloride USD 77€ Biomatik
a4179 Sodium Bicarbonate, Anhydrous USD 79€ Biomatik
a4180 Thiamine, Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1) USD 74€ Biomatik
a4182 dNTP Set, 0.5ml (100mM) Each USD 220€ Biomatik
a4183 iGreen qPCR Master Mix with Low-ROX, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4184 iGreen qPCRMaster Mix for iCycler, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4185 Cesium Chloride USD 601€ Biomatik
a4186 Long-Taq DNA Polymerase (5U/ul) USD 287€ Biomatik
a4187 Sodium Hydroxide, Beads USD 74€ Biomatik
a4188 o-Nitrophenyl-beta-D-Galactopyranoside [oNPG] USD 79€ Biomatik
a4189 XTT, Sodium Salt USD 913€ Biomatik
a4190 Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%, stabilized USD 69€ Biomatik
a4192 Cytochrome C USD 570€ Biomatik
a4193 DNase I, Bovine Pancreas, >2000U/MG USD 601€ Biomatik
a4195 Vancomycin Hydrochloride USD 548€ Biomatik
a4196 Water, RNase-free (DEPC-Treated) USD 89€ Biomatik
a4197 iGreen qPCR Master Mix with ROX, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4198 iGreen qPCR Master Mix, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4199 DNase I, Bovine Pancreas, >1800U/MG, RNase Free USD 392€ Biomatik
a4202 Dimethylsulfoxide [DMSO], Sterile USD 79€ Biomatik
a4203 Phenol, Saturated, pH 6.6/7.9 USD 201€ Biomatik
a4204 Phenol, Saturated, pH 4.5 USD 201€ Biomatik
a4205 EZView Stain (Alternative to EB) USD 84€ Biomatik
a4206 Chymotrypsinogen, >1000U/MG USD 1091€ Biomatik
a4207 Hyaluronidase, >500U/MG USD 1435€ Biomatik
a4208 Kallidinogenase, >50U/MG USD 548€ Biomatik
a4209 EZView Stain, 20000X (Alternative to EB) USD 111€ Biomatik
a4211 DNAfectin USD 392€ Biomatik
a4212 PIPES, Free Acid USD 350€ Biomatik
a4218 iProbe qPCR Master Mix with ROX, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4219 iProbe qPCR Master Mix with Low-ROX, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4220 iProbe qPCR Master Mix for iCycler, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4221 iProbe qPCR Master Mix without Dye, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4222 iProbe Multiplex qPCR Master Mix, 2X, 500Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4223 iScript One-Step qRT-PCR Kit with ROX, 100Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4224 iScript One-Step qRT-PCR Kit with Low-ROX, 100Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4225 iScript One-Step qRT-PCR Kit for iCycler, 100Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4226 iScript One-Step qRT-PCR Kit without Dye, 100Rxns-20ul USD 242€ Biomatik
a4227 IPTG, Non-Animal USD 882€ Biomatik
a4229 Albumin, Bovine Serum [BSA], Fraction V, Heat Shock, pH 6.5-7.5, Protease Free USD 79€ Biomatik
a4230 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate [SDS], Dust-free Pellets USD 72€ Biomatik
a4231 Tris Hydrochloride USD 162€ Biomatik
a4234 DAB Substrate Tablets USD 184€ Biomatik
a4235 Albumin, Bovine Serum [BSA], Fraction V, Salt-free Form, pH 5.1+/-0.2 USD 194€ Biomatik
a4240 6X Loading Dye, 60% Glycerol. 1 blue dye, commonly used dye USD 84€ Biomatik
a4241 HS-Taq PCR Master Mix, 2X USD 178€ Biomatik
a4244 EZGreen qPCR Master Mix with ROX, 2X, 200Rxns-50ul (Equivalent to SYBR Green qPCR Mix with ROX) USD 387€ Biomatik
a4245 EZGreen qPCR Master Mix with Low ROX, 2X, 200Rxns-50ul (Equivalent to SYBR Green qPCR Mix with Low ROX) USD 387€ Biomatik
a5107 Trypsin Inhibitor, Soybean, >10000U/MG USD 546€ Biomatik
a5115 Orange G, Sodium Salt USD 69€ Biomatik
a5175 MES, Sodium Salt USD 79€ Biomatik
a6201 L-Alanine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6203 L-Arginine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6205 L-Asparagine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6206 L-Aspartic Acid USD 74€ Biomatik
a6207 L-Cysteine USD 79€ Biomatik
a6209 L-Glutamic Acid USD 74€ Biomatik
a6210 L-Glutamine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6211 L-Histidine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6215 L-Isoleucine USD 69€ Biomatik
a6217 L-Leucine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6218 L-Lysine, Monohydrochloride USD 69€ Biomatik
a6225 L-Phenylalanine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6226 L-Proline USD 74€ Biomatik
a6227 L-Serine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6231 L-Valine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6253 L-Tyrosine USD 74€ Biomatik
a6254 L-Methionine USD 69€ Biomatik
a6255 L-Threonine USD 69€ Biomatik
a6256 L-Tryptophan USD 74€ Biomatik
a8502 Agar USD 79€ Biomatik
a8505 Purified Agar [Nobel Agar) USD 246€ Biomatik
a8506 Beef Extract USD 74€ Biomatik
a8507 Casamino Acids USD 147€ Biomatik
a8515 LB Broth (Miller) USD 74€ Biomatik
a8517 LB Agar (Miller) USD 136€ Biomatik
a8521 LB Broth (Lennox) USD 74€ Biomatik
a8523 LB Agar (Lennox) USD 136€ Biomatik
a8536 Malt Extract USD 79€ Biomatik
a8550 Peptone USD 74€ Biomatik
a8556 SOB Broth USD 69€ Biomatik
a8562 Super Broth USD 69€ Biomatik
a8564 Terrific Broth USD 72€ Biomatik
a8566 Tryptone [Casein Peptone] USD 69€ Biomatik
a8569 Yeast Extract USD 74€ Biomatik
a8570 SOB Agar USD 69€ Biomatik
b2143 Random Primer (6N) USD 63€ Biomatik
b2201 Oligo(dT)18 Primer USD 62€ Biomatik
b2205 Oligo(dT)15 Primer USD 70€ Biomatik
ca0001 Anti-His Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
ca0003 Anti-HA Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
ca0005 Anti-Myc Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
ca0006 Anti-GST Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
ca0007 Anti-DYKDDDDK (Anti-FLAG) Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
ca0008 Anti-GFP Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
ca0010 Anti-RFP Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
ca0011 Anti-V5 Tag mAb USD 178€ Biomatik
k5101 SpinKlean PCR DNA Purification Kit USD 575€ Biomatik
k5111 SpinKlean Gel DNA Extraction Kit USD 575€ Biomatik
k5113 SpinKlean Plasmid DNA Miniprep Kit USD 575€ Biomatik
k5121 SpinKlean Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (for insect, nematode and mammalian tissues) USD 913€ Biomatik
k5131 SpinKlean RNA Purification Kit USD 913€ Biomatik
k5147 M-MuLV First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit USD 398€ Biomatik
k5161 TRIGent (Equivalent to TRIZol) USD 184€ Biomatik
m6135 Lambda DNA/Hind III Marker, 564bp-23130bp, 7 bands, 83ng/ul, 6ul/load USD 178€ Biomatik
m6137 Lambda DNA/Hind III Marker Plus, 300bp-23130bp, 10 bands, 92ng/ul, 6ul/load USD 189€ Biomatik
m7101 LMW DNA Ladder, 25bp-700bp, 10 bands, 104ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 287€ Biomatik
m7113 1Kb DNA Marker Plus, 100bp-10kb, 15 bands, 144ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 287€ Biomatik
m7115 50bp DNA Ladder Plus, 50bp-1kb, 13 bands, 128ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 287€ Biomatik
m7123 100bp DNA Ladde, 100bp-1.5kb, 11 bands, 100ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 241€ Biomatik
m7506 100bp DNA Ladder Plus, 100bp-3kb, 14 bands, 136ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 287€ Biomatik
m7507 50bp DNA Ladder, 50bp-500bp, 8 bands, 76ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 287€ Biomatik
m7508 1Kb DNA Ladder, 500bp-10kb, 10 bands, 104ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 241€ Biomatik
m7510 20bp DNA Ladder, 60bp-300bp, 13 bands, 128ng/ul, 5ul/load USD 287€ Biomatik

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