ELISA kits, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, PCR enzymes, cell culture reagents, recombinant proteins, diagnostics and IHC kits.
The logistics in Brussels, Sofia, Sopot and San Jose, US are equipped with -85’C freezers, dry shippers and work in close relation with border customs.
We can offer the lowest prices and fastest delivery thanks to 25 biologists that will find the best reagents for your laboratory.

We manufacture rabbit polyclonal anti human protein antibodies, e. coli rec. camel very small antibodies, PAb, Mab against human genes and various ELISA kits, readers and washers.
Veterinary products like Burcella detection or mouse, cow, rat, dog ELISA kits.
Most of our antibodies are stored at -25C and are lyophilized in 100 ug 200 ug.

ELISA kits are stored at +4C and contain 48 or 96 wells which are breakable into 12 strips, each of 8 wells.
For recombinant proteins we reduce the number of freeze thawing cycles by not freezing them in between to shipments.