Mouse IgM (µ) (min X Hu Sr Prot), TRITC

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known as: Mouse IgM (µ) (min X Hu Sr Prot), TRITC
Catalog number: genta-JZM025049
Product Quantity: 1 mg.
Supplier: Accu

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Gene target: min x hu sr prot tritc

Related genes to: Mouse IgM (µ) (min X Hu Sr Prot), TRITC

Symbol : IGM NIH gene
description : IgM constant region
type of gene : other
Modification date : 2016-04-02
Symbol : min NIH gene
Synonyms : mi
dbXrefs : FLYBASE:FBgn0002747
chromosome : 2
map location : 56E-56E|2-90 cM
description : mini
type of gene : unknown
Modification date : 2016-05-09
Symbol : Prot NIH gene
dbXrefs : MGI:MGI:107578
chromosome : 18
description : proline transporter
type of gene : protein-coding
Symbol from nomenclature authority : Prot
Full name from nomenclature authority : proline transporter
Nomenclature status : O
Modification date : 2016-07-02

Related Pathways to: Mouse IgM (µ) (min X Hu Sr Prot), TRITC

Gene about :IgM
Pathway :Rn Inflammatory Response Pathway