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known as: MOUSE ANTI HUMAN CD5 Azide Free
Catalog number: genta-ABS0369
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Gene target: cd5

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Symbol : cd5 NIH gene
chromosome : 1
description : CD5 molecule
type of gene : protein-coding
Modification date : 2016-06-27

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Gene about :CD5
Pathway :Dr T Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway

Related product to: MOUSE ANTI HUMAN CD5 Azide Free

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Flow Cytometric Patterns of CD200 and CD1d Expression Distinguish CD10-Negative, CD5-Negative Mature B-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders.

The importance of distinguishing mature B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders (B-LPDs) is highlighted by the distinct treatments used for and varying prognoses seen in association with these different diseases. Immunophenotyping allows for accurate and efficient differentiation of many B-LPDs. Recently, we showed that CD200 is highly expressed in hairy cell leukemia (HCL) but not in marginal zone lymphoma (MZL), lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma (LPL), or hairy cell leukemia-variant (HCL-v). Here, we assessed the usefulness of a flow cytometric panel combining CD200 and CD1d with CD25, CD103, and CD11c to distinguish CD10-, CD5- B-LPDs. - Source :PubMed

Anaemia in CD5 Negative Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disorder: Importance of Bone Marrow Examination.

- Source :PubMed

Naïve helper T cells with high CD5 expression have increased calcium signaling.

The adaptive immune response is orchestrated by T helper cells and their function is dependent upon interactions between the T cell receptor (TCR), peptide MHC (pMHC) and co-receptors. TCR-pMHC interactions initiate calcium signaling cascades which determine T cell activation, survival, proliferation and differentiation. CD5 is a co-receptor that plays an important role in regulating T cell signaling and fate during thymocyte education. CD5 surface expression on mature single positive thymocytes correlates with the TCR signal strength for positive selecting self-ligands. CD5 also plays a role in T cell function after thymic development is complete. Peripheral T cells with higher CD5 expression respond better to foreign antigen than those with lower CD5 expression and CD5-high T cells are enriched in memory populations. In our study, we examined the role of CD5 expression and calcium signaling in the primary response of T cells using two Listeria monocytogenes specific T helper cells (LLO118 and LLO56). These T cells recognize the same immunodominant epitope (LLO190-205) of L. monocytogenes and have divergent primary and secondary responses and different levels of CD5 expression. We found that each T cell has unique calcium mobilization in response to in vitro stimulation with LLO190-205 and that CD5 expression levels in these cells changed over time following stimulation. LLO56 naïve T helper cells, which expresses higher levels of CD5, have higher calcium mobilization than naïve LLO118 T cells. Three days after in vitro stimulation, LLO118 T cells had more robust calcium mobilization than LLO56 and there were no differences in calcium mobilization 8 days after in vitro stimulation. To further evaluate the role of CD5, we measured calcium signaling in CD5 knockout LLO118 and LLO56 T cells at these three time points and found that CD5 plays a significant role in promoting the calcium signaling of naïve CD5-high LLO56 T cells. - Source :PubMed

CD5-negative mantle cell lymphoma of the breast.

- Source :PubMed

Human Group 1 Innate Lymphocytes Are Negative for Surface CD3ε but Express CD5.

- Source :PubMed

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