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known as: RAT ANTI MOUSE CD30 Azide Free
Catalog number: genta-ABS0350
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Gene target: cd30

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Title: Cervical cancer survivors' perceived cognitive complaints and supportive care needs in mainland China: a qualitative study.

This study explores Chinese cervical cancer survivors' perceived cognitive complaints and relevant supportive care needs after primary cancer treatment. - Source :PubMed

A Bibliometric Analysis of Highly Cited and High Impact Occupational Therapy Publications by American Authors.

A bibliometric analysis was completed of peer-reviewed literature from 1991-2015, written by American occupational therapists, to examine US high impact scholarship with "occupational therapy" and "occupational therapist(s)" used as keywords to search journal articles' publication title, abstract, author details, and keywords. Results included 1,889 journal articles from 1991-2015 published by American occupational therapists as first or corresponding author. Sixty-nine articles attained a TotalCitation2015 ≥ 50 and 151 attained a Citation2015 ≥ 5 indicating that they were the most highly cited literature produced in this period. Although the majority (58%) of this literature was published in occupational therapy-specific journals, 41% was published in interdisciplinary journals. Results illustrate that the volume of highly cited American occupational therapy peer-reviewed literature has grown over the last two decades. There is need for the profession to strategize methods to enhance the publication metrics of occupational therapy-specific journals to reduce the loss of high quality publications to external periodicals. - Source :PubMed

Radiosensitizing effect of electrochemotherapy: A systematic review of protocols and efficiency.

Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is a combination of electroporation (EP) and chemotherapy and has been reported as a potential radiosensitizing agent for radiation therapy. The main objective of this study was to systematically review of the literature to evaluate the effectiveness of ECT in sensitization of tumors to ionization radiation. In addition, the clinical considerations and mechanisms of action of radiosensitizing effect are discussed. - Source :PubMed

Synthesis of 4-acylpyrazoles from saturated ketones and hydrazones featured with multiple C(sp3)-H bond functionalization, C-C bond cleavage and re-organization.

In this paper, an efficient and convenient one-pot synthesis of diversely substituted 4-acylpyrazole derivatives via copper-catalyzed one pot cascade reactions of saturated ketones with hydrazones is reported. Mechanistically, the formation of the title compounds involves the in situ formation of an enone intermediate through the dehydrogenation of saturated ketone, and the [2+3] cyclization of enone with hydrazone followed by an aromatization-driven C-C bond cleavage and re-organization. To our knowledge, this should be the first example in which the biologically and pharmaceutically important yet otherwise difficult-to-obtain 4-acylpyrazole derivatives were directly prepared from saturated ketones and hydrazones featured with multiple aliphatic C-H bond functionalization, C-C bond cleavage and re-organization. Compared with literature methods, this novel process has advantages such as simple and economical starting materials, sustainable oxidant, excellent regioselectivity and good efficiency. - Source :PubMed

Evaluation of research topic evolution in psychiatry using co-word analysis.

With the rapid increase in the incidence of mental disorders and mental issues, psychiatry has become one of the fastest growing clinical medical disciplines. Development priorities and research foci in this field have evolved over different periods.All the articles in 10 psychiatric journals with the highest impact factors were selected from the Science Citation Index (SCI) in Web of Science from 2001 to 2015. The information visualization software Sci was used to conduct co-word and clustering analyses on these articles. The articles were divided into 3 periods: 2001 to 2005, 2006 to 2010, and 2011 to 2015. Each bibliographic record contained a title, author names, abstract, keywords, references, and other information.During the 3 periods between 2001 and 2015, child and adolescent psychiatry, major depression, schizophrenia, and prefrontal cortex were constant research foci. The brain and meta-analysis gradually became new research foci, although research on symptoms slowly decreased. Molecular genetics was also an area of interest.Using scientometrics technology to visualize research foci can provide us with new ideas and research methods. Co-word analysis for the preliminary exploration of research foci and developmental trends in psychiatry is helpful in finding developmental rules, choices of topics, and innovative research. Our study had some limitations. In the future, we should expand our research scope and use a variety of research methods to enrich our results. - Source :PubMed

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