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known as: MOUSE ANTI HUMAN CD43 Azide Free
Catalog number: genta-ABS0334
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Gene target: cd43

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Agenesis of mandibular second premolar in patient with dental bimaxillary protrusion.

The present study reports the treatment carried out in a patient with mandibular second premolar agenesis associated with early loss of a deciduous second molar, deep overbite, severe overjet and dentoalveolar bimaxillary protrusion, which led to lip incompetence and a convex facial profile. The main objectives of this treatment were: to eliminate the spaces in mandibular arch, correct overbite, as well as eliminate bimaxillary protrusion and lip incompetence, thus leading to a balanced profile. The case was presented to the Brazilian Board of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (BBO) as part of the requirements to obtain the title of BBO diplomate. - Source :PubMed

Hypoxia-ischemia is not an antecedent of most preterm brain damage: the illusion of validity.

Brain injury in preterm newborn infants is often attributed to hypoxia-ischemia even when neither hypoxia nor ischemia is documented, and many causative speculations are based on the same assumption. We review human and animal study contributions with their strengths and limitations, and conclude that - despite all the work done in human fetal neuropathology and developmental models in animals - the evidence remains unconvincing that hypoxemia, in the fetus or newborn infant, contributes appreciably to any encephalopathy of prematurity. Giving an inappropriate causal name to a disorder potentially limits the options for change, should our understanding of the etiologies advance. The only observationally-based title we think appropriate is 'encephalopathy of prematurity'. Future pathophysiological research should probably include appropriately designed epidemiology studies, highly active developmental processes, infection and other inflammatory stimuli, the immature immune system, long chain fatty acids and their transporters, and growth (neurotrophic) factors. - Source :PubMed

Title: CpG methylation and the methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2) are required for restraining corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) gene expression.

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis plays a critical role in mounting a stress response and maintaining homeostasis. A dysregulated HPA axis and elevated levels of CRH are associated with a number of disorders. Although extensive research has been devoted to understanding molecular events associated with stimulated CRH gene, less is known about the mechanisms that restrain CRH expression. Using a cell culture system, we report here two molecular aspects of CRH gene regulation that are required for maintenance of basal level of CRH gene expression. These are a specific CpG methylation at a single CpG, and adequate levels of the methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MeCP2). The single site methylation allows the recruitment of MeCP2 to the CRH gene promoter region, and MeCP2 knockdown leads to increased expression of CRH gene. Taken together, the results indicate that site-specific methylation and MeCP2 are required for maintenance of basal levels of CRH gene expression. - Source :PubMed

Zolpidem for the Treatment of Neurologic Disorders: A Systematic Review.

Given its selective action on the ω1 subtype of the γ-aminobutyric acid A receptor, zolpidem tartrate presents a potential treatment mechanism for other neurologic disorders. - Source :PubMed

CONSORT Extension for Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas 2017: Recommendations, Explanation, and Elaboration.

Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) formulas are the major components of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) interventions. The general reporting quality of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of CHM formulas is disappointing, although CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) Statement extensions for herbal medicinal interventions and acupuncture interventions are available. A group of TCM clinical experts, methodologists, epidemiologists, and editors has developed this CONSORT Extension for CHM Formulas (CONSORT-CHM Formulas 2017) through a comprehensive process, including publication of the draft version, solicitation of comments, revision, and finalization. The CONSORT 2010 Statement was extended by introducing the idea of TCM Pattern and the features of CHM formulas. One new checklist subitem, keywords, was added to facilitate indexing and data searching. Seven of the 25 CONSORT checklist items, namely title and abstract, background and objectives, participants, interventions, outcomes, generalizability, and interpretation, are now elaborated, and the explanation of harms specific to CHM formulas is revised. Illustrative examples and explanations are also provided. The group hopes that CONSORT-CHM Formulas 2017 can improve the reporting quality of RCTs of CHM formulas. - Source :PubMed

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